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South Carolina – a state of spectacular sceneries through the Cherokee Foothills Scenic Highway

As the fortieth state of the United States and the twenty-fourth largest in terms of population, South Carolina is divided into 46 districts, with the capital of Colombia. This region is rich in various tourist attractions. In fact, versatility is the hallmark of South Carolina, where you can visit sandy and sparkling beaches along the coast and equally charming small towns with great historical values, beautifully equipped golf courses and magnificent mountain trails. Here, in fact, there is everything. Mythl Beach, a beach more than 30 kilometers long, stretches to the border with North Carolina, is a favorite place for holidaymakers. But not only the sand that makes this town attractive, but also the availability of space for golf, water parks, shopping centers and a fishing port. At Murrells Inlet, you can find many great restaurants. Pawleys Island is a place once favored by planters, and today it is one of the quietest parts of the city.

In South Carolina, the city deserves special attention. It is obvious that many will begin their tour of the cities from the capital, Colombia, which from an architectural point of view is very diverse. Here you can see Matthew Perry Courthouse and Robert Mills House, colonial style residential buildings and the South Carolina Statehouse, being the most spectacular one. Also of great interest are the religious buildings, including the First Presbyterian Church and Trinity Episcopal. And Busted Plug sculptures are a fine example of modern art.

Further, the city that really deserves special attention is Charleston, which is the most populous city in the state, with an atmosphere reminiscent of the Caribbean, with huge palm trees and a tropical climate, where the charm of the old city is emphasized by long rows of tall houses. Charleston has a very deep historical roots and its name Charles Town received in honor of the King of England, who in 1663 sent here some rich English settlers. Since that time, the city has experienced many ups and downs, there were events that left their deep traces.

Learn the history of the state through interesting places and cities while traveling in South Carolina!

In Charleston, museums deserve special attention, including Powder Magazine, formerly a gunpowder depot, and also the oldest building in the city. Not less interesting is the Charleston Museum, which was opened in 1824, where you can admire objects related to local history and give you the opportunity to learn more about the city. Art lovers will interested to visit the Gibbs Museum of Art, which features works by American artists.

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