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South Dakota – a journey among Mount Rushmore, nature reserves and exciting cities

If you really want to experience the spirit of such a great country as the United States, then you should definitely visit South Dakota, where you will find magnificent nature and distant horizons, where the ancient history of Indians is traced and patriotic pride is felt where you can hear the stories of cowboys and adventures of modern Racers. Yes, in fact, in this small corner of the earth, the whole of America is concentrated. The federal state of South Dakota, also known as the Coyote state, is disposed in the highland plains of the northern Midwest and its name derives from the Indian tribe of Lakota Sioux.

The state is divided into two parts, one of which is arid and wilderness, west of Missouri, Badlands and Black Hills, and the other one is flat land with large wheat crops, east of the river. The basis of the local economy is agriculture, but no less contribution gives the exploitation of mineral resources, thanks to the gold and silver mines of Black Hills.
Until 1889, South and North Dakota were the single state of Dakota. To date, these are separate states and South Dakota has a capital in Pierre. Other important and famous cities are Soux Falls, Rapid City and Aberdeen.

When traveling around the state, which is located almost in the center of the United States, at first glance strikes the greatness of natural landscapes, the diversity of colors, vegetation and lands that cannot be seen anywhere else in the world.
In a natural park placed south of Rapid City on the “Causter State Park”, of a length of 280 square kilometers, you can admire the most beautiful landscapes. One can say that here in reality, nature has surpassed itself. Along the small lake Silvan stretches the majestic spruce forests that frame the whole region.

Not so far from the park are the spectacular caves, Jewel Cave and Wind Cave, with the longest and most complex tunnel system in the world, where one can find such perfect limestone formations that might seem to have been created by the hand of an invisible genius.

Visit the magnificent natural parks and enjoy the true wonders of nature when traveling to South Dakota!

It is also worth visiting the park Badlands, which received its name because of the wild species, which actually resembles a deserted lunar landscape. Here you can see cliffs changed by time, an incomparable contrast of shapes and colors, amazing shades, in which the environment is painted when sunset.

South Dakota is the place where you can freely see the majestic American bison, and in the last week of September see the largest herd of bison in the country.

Not far from Rapid City you can visit the most important national monument of Mount Rushmore, where on the mountain depicted the faces of four founders of the nation: Washington, Jefferson, Lincoln and Roosevelt.

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