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Tennessee – a journey from Great Smoky Mountains to Nashville and Memphis

The state, disposed in the southeast of the USA and received its name from the same named river, crossing it, is called Tennessee. The river crosses the state in a longitudinal direction from north to south and, passing along the eastern edge, then along Alabama and Kentucky, completes its watercourse in the Ohio River. Tennessee is parted into three geographic regions, which are marked by three stars on the state flag, and each of them is endowed with its own extraordinary beauty, from the peaks of the Great Smoky Mountains, the lush valleys of the central plateau in the Nashville area, and among the lowlands around Memphis.

The state’s economy is mainly based on the textile industry, with a huge production of cotton, livestock and electricity. A significant part of the economy is also tourism, mainly in Nashville and Memphis, creating an important source of income.

The first were Spanish settlers who had discovered the lands of Tennessee in 1539, but then in the 17th centenary the French began to actively use the river for trade. In 1796, Tennessee became part of the United States, and in the mid-nineteenth century, under the administration of President Martin Van Buren, about 16,000 indigenous people were forced to flee their lands and moved along the so-called “teardrop path” and moved to the Indian territories of Arkansas.

During the Civil War, Tennessee hosted a number of important battles that were crucial for the final outcome of the conflict. Immediately after the war, in the city of Pulaska, six veterans of the army of southerners formed the infamous Ku Klux Klan, whose goal was to deprive the Negroes of their rights and terrorize them.

The capital of the state is Nashville, with a population of approximately 620,000 inhabitants, built on the banks of the Cumberland River in Davidson County. This city is for all country music lovers a standard of excellence, because it has historical musical traditions, which have now materialized in numerous clubs, where you can listen to concerts every evening and attend thematic events. Also characteristic of the city is the presence of extensive green areas, in particular, 99 parks and numerous Greenways, which form part of the parks and recreation areas of Metro Board.

Enjoy country music and the splendor of local culture and natural wonders on a trip to Tennessee!

Among the densely populated centers of Tennessee, Memphis, with a population of 677,000 people, placed in the county of Shelby being its center, must be mentioned. The essence of modern Memphis is determined by two things: musical history and fried pork, which is a local delicacy and is in great demand both among tourists and local residents. Many fans come here who want to pay tribute to Elvis, Johnny Cash, Kholin Wolf and Isaac Hayes.

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