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Utah – a journey among rock arches and colorful canyons, among Mormons and salt lakes

It is difficult to find a place in the world where nature has been so generous, creating magnificent landscapes, as can be seen in Utah. Starting from the desert rocky canyons, painted in different shades of red and up to the high peaks covered with pine forests, this state really impresses with its inimitability. Besides this and in addition to the splendor of nature, Utah is also the land of cultural discoveries. All the inhabitants who live here today, their ancestors, from the Pueblo Indians to the Mormons of Salt Lake City, from mountain men to wild west bandits, have all left their distinctive trail here and contributed to the myth of the wild nature, full of flowers.
Utah provides visitors with the most beautiful scenery that cannot be found anywhere in the United States. South Utah is famous for its magnificent parks, among which the most famous are Zion and Bryce Park. Meanwhile, in the northwestern part of the is the capital of Salt Lake City, which is a tranquil city where you can spend pleasant days.
As noted above, Southern Utah is full of spectacular views, landscapes created mostly from canyons and colored rocks. The National Park of Zion is characterized by a deep canyon with white sandstone. Equally incomparable beauty is the three other state parks complementing the natural landscape of Utah.

Also in the southern part of the state, Lake Powell and the Glen Canyon Dam, located on the border with Arizona, deserve no less attention. This Lake, received its name from the first researcher of the Colorado River, today is a pleasant place to relax, similar to the calm pool of blue-green water, where you can also organize a boat trip.

Explore the most breathtaking landscapes and unparalleled views while traveling to Utah!

Less well-known in terms of tourism is North Utah, because of desert landscapes and fewer natural attractions. But on the contrary, Salt Lake City, which is a major cosmopolitan center, attracts many visitors.

The capital is disposed in a beautiful place, around the Big Salt Lake, over which rises the mountain ridge Wasatch and gives the city fresh mountain air in the summer and provides the opportunity for skiing in the winter. In the center of the city is the Temple Square with a small granite Mormon temple, where only Mormons have access to confession.
We can say that this city is a kind of “Vatican” of Mormons, and it is here that you can understand the true nature of Mormonism.
Moving north, you should visit the dinosaur park, which has a huge scientific value, where you can see the skeletons of dinosaurs in the rock layers.
Cottonwood canyons are of great interest, providing also the possibility of skiing in the winter.

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