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Texas – a journey through the expanses of the Wild West

Texas itself is already a whole world. In order to understand what this concept implies, it is enough just to estimate the size of this state, which has an area of ​​629,300 square kilometers, which is much more than most countries of the world, including European ones. Huge spaces and long distances contribute to the presence of deep differences, which even at the very “hasty” tour are noticeable and, in fact, also represents Texas. There are many examples of different situations, characters, variety of human types that fall under this collective name “Texas”.

In order to really understand how great Texas is, you definitely need to visit it. From Texline, passing north through Texas Panhandle, Brownsville, at the mouth of the Rio Grande on the border with Mexico, there are 1,509 km of highways. And following from Texarkana, to El Paso and the extreme western tip of Texas, there are 1308 of them. Even with the fastest automobile facility, it is impossible to drive the entire staff in one day.
Thanks to its vast territories, Texas is able to offer its visitors a huge range of natural wonders, which at the same time allows you to enjoy various outdoor activities in the territories of national parks, and explore the “Wild West” in its beautiful cities.

The state is divided into seven regions, each of which is endowed with its specific features and unique sights.

Plunge yourself into the charm of a diverse environment, traveling to Texas!

In Plains Panhandle, which occupies the north-western part of the state, you can see a fairly flat and barren landscape with incomparable canyons, among which also the Palo Duro Canyon. The main city of the region is Amarillo, where such activities as livestock and agriculture are developed.

The remote part of Texas is the Big Bend Country, which is characterized by amazingly beautiful nature and is among the largest national parks of the United States, covering more than 320,000 hectares along the Rio Grande in West Texas. Here you can see majestic canyons, rocks and vast deserts.
In addition to two national parks, tourists have the opportunity to visit old forts, abandoned mines, cities with an interesting history and luxurious ranches.

Thanks to the first settlers from the UK, Germany and Central Europe, Texas Hill Country provides a clearly expressed European heritage.
The capital of the state is Austin, a developed metropolis, offering elegant cultural facilities, clubs with live music, chic shops and restaurants. The city received its fame as the world capital of live music, as the most important international musical events take place here every year.

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