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Vermont – a journey through a small US state called the State of Green Mountain

Being among the smallest states in the country, Vermont is disposed in the north-east of the federation, in particular, in the New England region. The state received its name from the French language, thanks to the first European researchers who settled in the vicinity of the Green Mountain. Indeed, Vermont is characterized by a magnificent natural landscape and rich vegetation, where among the mountains there are lakes and dense forests covering the territory of the state by almost 50%.

It is famous for the production of delicious maple syrup. Despite its modest dimension, and not having access to the Atlantic Ocean, this unique state of New England provides visitors with a variety of attractions and entertainment of all kinds.
Most travelers will prefer to begin their tour with the visit of the capital Montpelier, name of which also resembles the French city of Montpellier. The population of the city is less than ten thousand inhabitants, which is a common characteristic of all the cities of Vermont. Namely, that in the state there are basically small agglomerations, in particular, small towns and villages drowning in greenery, where the people proudly preserve traditions and a true spirit of independence, and do not particularly suffer from globalizing pollution.
It is worth noting so interesting fact that Montpelier is the only American capital where McDonald’s restaurants are completely absent.

In the city you can visit the Palace of Government and TW Wood Gallery & ARTS Center, which is a museum building and has one of the largest permanent collections in the state. Do not miss the opportunity to take a tour of the city center and visit shopping streets.

Explore the surroundings of green state, small towns and areas when traveling to Vermont!

The state of Vermont is famous for the number of national parks, which are mainly placed in natural areas, among lakes, rivers, and, in particular, in high green mountains, emphasizing in all the splendor the beauty of the territories.

These parks allow you to engage in thousands of different activities, such as golf, kayaking, fishing, snowboarding, camping and more. Camping is free in almost all parks, and you can freely enjoy the breathtaking spectacle of beautiful nature. Here you can observe elks, bears, deer, wild turkeys and other animals.
Vermont also offers many different concerts. Here in different cities, various events and music festival Marlboro, musical performances dedicated to the great works of Mozart, as well as theatrical performances of works by Shakespeare are organized.

For those who wish to spend their holidays in complete relaxation, enjoy outdoor recreation, Vermont is an ideal place.

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