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Washington DC as the sanctuary of American democracy

If civil policy is the religion of America, then we can safely say that Washington, DC, is its sacred city. Everywhere white houses, important pentagonal buildings, supreme courts – all this is nothing more than monumental temples of the law, intertwined with real power. As John F. Kennedy characterized this city, “Washington is a city with southern efficiency and northern charm.”

For many visitors Washington appears as the splendor of white marble, the picturesque and lush meadows and the ceremonial ritual of American politics, namely, the dome of the Capitol, sparkling under the clear blue sky. And also, this is a procession on a limousine on the day of the inauguration and the strict elegance of changing the guard at the Arlington National Cemetery.
Washington, DC, the capital of the United States since 1880, is disposed on the Potomac River, and its prefix ​​D.C. is important for the purpose of distinguishing it from the state of the same name. The main focus of all administrative offices of the country, it was chosen because of the fact that this city was equally pleasant to both South Americans and those from the North.

Washington is on the east coast of the country and, without any doubt, is among the most beautiful capitals of the world. Visiting it is important to know that the city is designed for tourists and the entrance to all memorial places and museums is completely free.
Of course, the first thing that everyone wants to see in Washington is the White House, placed in the middle of a beautiful green zone, more than three kilometers long, known as The Mall. Here, along the way, you can see several important monuments and buildings, including the Washington Monument erected in honor of the first US president, the Natural History Museum, the National Museum of Aviation and Cosmonautics and others.

In the vicinity of Washington is Georgetown, which has a fascinating history that has evolved over the years from ghetto to the modern and exclusive residential area of ​​Washington. There are many attractions worth visiting, historic buildings, shops and restaurants, the Dumbarton Oak Museum gardens and the most important Georgetown University. You can also make a visit to the zoo, which has an influx of visitors in the summer.

Visit the heart of the American nation at an exciting journey to Washington, DC!

Crossing the Potomac River, you can reach Arlington Cemetery, where famous characters of American history, such as JF Kennedy and his wife, are buried. This is the reason that the cemetery has become a real place of pilgrimage. On the territory of the cemetery you can also visit the Monument to the Unknown Soldier and see the ceremony of changing the guard. Not so far from here is the Pentagon, the center of the US military defense, which for security reasons is closed to public visits.

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