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State of Washington – a journey from Seattle, along the Pacific and among the Cascade Mountains

The Washington state, which should not be matted with the city of Washington, which is the federal metropolis of USA, is disposed in the northwest if the country. It borders with several states and is washed by the Pacific Ocean. The state is parted by a chain of Cascade mountains, which expands from north to south through its territory.

History of the state of Washington was formed through violent wars with indigenous Indians, and the struggle continued for the domination of the islands. The Canadian and British clashes resulted in the annexation of the islands by the United States.

Arriving here, you may find yourself in a wildlife region of the United States, with dense forests and large volcanoes that stretch all the way till the Canadian border and is amongst the most fascinating areas of all of North America.

Olympia is the capital city, although Seattle is the largest city, with a populace of 3 million inhabitants, that is almost half the total population of the state. Thus, the populace of the state is about 7 million people and this is the only state named after President George Washington.

Among the main attractions of the state, which is obvious, is Seattle, which also has a large and modern airport. Seattle is a modern and dynamic city, distinguished by a wet and rainy climate and lively green vegetation.

Meanwhile, the capital of Olympia, at the same time being the center of the Puget Sound region, is placed on the coast overlooking the ocean, from where you can see the fjords of the glacial formation, which also characterizes the entire eastern part of the state. This is the most important administrative and commercial center, having a reputation of a green city.

Visit the most spectacular places in the state, bearing the name of the famous president, traveling to Washington State!

As already noted, the territory of the state is divided by the range of the Cascade Mountains into two zones, and on the one hand is covered by coniferous forests, and on the other hand by arid regions, with vegetation typical for steppe and desert zones. In this mountain range there are many volcanoes, often exceeding the height of the surrounding mountains.

There are national parks and protected areas across the state, important from the point of view of natural attractions, including high-mountainous lakes, forests and volcanoes.

In the far north of the state you can visit the North Glacier National Park, which gives an excellent opportunity to see huge glaciers in close proximity, observe brown bears that often reach up to 3 meters in height, for example, grizzlies, and you can admire the stunning wild panorama.

Traveling along the coast of the Pacific Ocean you will have the opportunity to observe the passage of killer whales, sea lions and whales.

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