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Wyoming – an exciting journey among the exotic landscapes of the Rocky Mountains

It should be noted that every American state has its own symbolism, characterizing its territorial or other features. As, for example, Florida embodies sunny beaches and a tropical climate, it’s also difficult to imagine Wyoming without such typical features as cowboy lands, rodeos, dance grounds, boundless pastures, everything that carries a true spirit about the myth of the far West . And, of course, all this is surrounded by dizzying peaks of rocky mountains!

Wyoming is considered one of the most popular tourist destinations in America, where you can enjoy the breathtaking sceneries of the Great Plains, the Rocky Mountains, the rivers of incredible beauty. This US state is also characterized by a rather low population density. Its capital, Cheyenne, is disposed at an altitude of about 1800 meters above sea level, in the heart of the Rocky Mountains.
The decision to spend a vacation in Wyoming is mainly due to the desire to be closer to nature, amidst magnificent natural parks, historic sites, to visit unusual places, to engage in extreme sports and get an unforgettable experience of adrenaline adventures.

The splendor and beauty of the numerous parks of Wyoming is simply breathtaking. Few people have not heard of the legendary Yellowstone National Park, founded in 1872, which is the oldest national park in the world.
To date, this park is listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Volcanic activity is observed here, with which its name is associated Yellowstone, probably indicating the presence of sulfur. Also with respect to fauna the park is rich in a variety of species and typical inhabitants are the American bison, wolves, grizzly bears, moose.

Devote your vacation to exploring the incomparable natural landscapes on your journey to Wyoming!

Among the beautiful places in Wyoming, the Grand Teton National Park, created in 1929, should also be noted. The animal world of the park is very rich and here you can also see bison, grizzly bears, moose, wild sheep of America, pumas, lynxes, wolves and coyotes.
The park has a developed infrastructure for tourism and you can conveniently stay in hotels or campsites. Here you can experience the true holiday of the soul in close contact with nature, climbing, hiking, horseback riding and many others. Near the park is the city of Jackson, which presents a true western style.

Traveling in Wyoming, you will certainly pass along the Yellowstone River, which flows through the Yellowstone National Park and is a true demonstration of the all-encompassing power of nature.
In short, one can sum up that a trip to Wyoming is similar to immersing in untouched and wild nature in search of extreme and unique entertainments that give unforgettable emotions.

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