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Northwest territories – a trip to the northern province of Canada

Huge wild territories and sparsely populated areas are characteristics of the province of Canada, which is divided into two parts by the Arctic Circle and abundantly endowed by nature with lakes and forests. These vast spaces provide a variety of opportunities for tourism, where you can ride a kayak, go fishing, go hiking along the epic routes in the summer. The winters here are harsh, but offer incomparable natural scenarios that are really worth seeing, watching bison, bears and deer, also the phenomenon of the Northern Lights.
In fact, it is difficult to imagine such a vast and wild territory, where forests and tundra alternate, forming such an exciting landscape. A certain part of the province, because of its remoteness and inaccessibility, has been ignored even by gold diggers.

Presumably, the presence of a human is recorded 15000 years ago, when the ancestors of the den came from Asia. Meanwhile, the arrival of Europeans can be traced only from the eighteenth century, from the times when merchants and missionaries discovered this paradise. At the beginning of the twentieth century, with the aim of political and economic control of the revenues from the production and sale of oil discovered in this region, a kind of territorial management was created. Further in the thirties, there was an influx of people involved in a wave of gold rush. In the sixties, a serious program in the fields of education, health and social services began to be introduced. In these programs and management policies, the indigenous population denotes the greatest contribution. The most profitable for the region was the oil industry, which gave a significant impetus to the development of the economy throughout the territory.

Discover all the charm of the Northwest Territories, having made an unforgettable trip to this province of Canada!

The landscape of the Northwest Territories in the south is represented by an extensive plain, and in the east by a massive shield of the Canadian mountains. The territory of the province is crossed by the river Mckenzie, which forms two giant lakes: Great Slave and Great Bear, which in their turn create landscapes of indescribable beauty. It is here that four national parks are located, and also the Nahanni National Reserve.
The capital of the province is Yellowknife, disposed on the shore of the Slave Lake, where the temperature throughout the year fluctuates around 20 degrees on average. A particular feature of the region is daylight, which is almost constant between May and July, opening fascinating prospects for observations, and in winter the temperature reaches -40 degrees and there is almost no visible sunlight.

A very interesting event to visit in Yellowknife in March is the Rock & Ice Ultra Adventure Race – a snowshoe and ski race for beginners and experts.
During the summer solstice festivals are celebrated during 24 days of daylight, with music and dancing.

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