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Austria – the country of the last European empire, Austria – as familiar and still unexplored

How many things can grasp only one word, one name, which is associated with a variety of events of the past and present. Austria is  the place of the last empire of Europe, a place where artists made a true revolution of modern art, it is the country that gave birth to the greatest musicians of all time. Austria situated between the mountain peaks, which seemed the paintings of the nineteenth century, among the green valleys and dense forests, bordered by quiet lakes and elegant cities. This country has a small size of the territory of a little more than 83 thousand square kilometers and is disposed between the Central and Eastern Europe.

Unparalleled views of Austria, with its mountains, original villages, majestic cities and the Danube river can be found when traveling in Austria, which can be done at your own pace, if you rent a cars from the company of Naniko. In the summer you can enjoy a quiet road, and in the winter have a fun weekend at the ski resorts in the beautiful Alps.
From Tyrol to Carinthia, Austria impresses visitors with its beautiful landscapes, which sometimes are similar to the fairy-tale. Across the country, you will have the opportunity to use the well-developed infrastructure and services for tourists. Here you can chose a variety of tours, see the typical Austrian village or visit the temples and monasteries. In the autumn months in the south-eastern part, between Styria and Burgenland, you can see the hills covered with vineyards ready for harvest.
It would seem that we have heard and seen a lot about Austria, but every time you can discover something new, hitherto unknown. Do not miss the chance to visit amongst the number of small historic towns, the beautiful city of Klagenfurt, Carinthia’s capital, which is bordered by Lake Wörthersee, or the beautiful town of the Hallstatt, the views of which are reflected in the lake of the same name and image of which are a symbol of Austria.

Discover all the splendor of the country in the history of small towns when traveling to Austria!

You can visit small towns and romantic villages, rich in history and legend, where you can immerse yourself in the enveloping atmosphere of the past and discover the true treasures of art and architecture.
For example, the city of Judenburg in 1300 received the right of coinage market and here was issued the first gold coin forint, circulated throughout Austria.

The town of Gmunden, which occupies the northern part of Lake Traun in the mountains of the Salzkammergut was dedicated to the salt trade in the Middle Ages. It is also famous for its distinctive hand-painted ceramics, which can be found in the best Austrian stores. The active development of tourism in Gmunden began from the nineteenth century, when the Royal House of Hanover chose it as the place of their summer vacation.

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