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Cyprus – the island of beautiful and attractive beaches

Cyprus is amongst the most beautiful islands of the Mediterranean basin, views of which make you irrevocably fall in love with it. It is the third largest island after Sicily and Sardinia and extends to the south of the Turkish coast, which is the cause of strong tensions between Greece and Turkey. The coastal line of the Cyprus coast is 648 km.

The southern part of the island or the Republic of Cyprus, is the most populous and prosperous, and thus most open to mass tourism. Meanwhile, the other part, or the so-called Northern Cyprus is not recognized by the international community, and since 1974 is under the Turkish control. This part is less developed in terms of tourism, although in terms of safety is absolutely quite and you can enjoy the beautiful secluded beaches.
The mild climate of the island creates favorable conditions for a balanced travel to Cyprus, where you can plunge into the study of archaeological sites, culture and tradition, carried away by trekking, enjoy the beaches and nature.

The Eastern Coast of Cyprus is rich in the most beautiful beaches that are located near the resort towns of Ayia Napa and Protaras. Fans of discos and noisy nightlife will find in Ayia Napa everything for appalling fun and be able to spend unforgettable days, meanwhile, the city of Protaras placed only 10 km away from Ayia Napa, offers a more relaxed atmosphere and the opportunity for a wonderful family holiday. Both resorts offer excellent beaches with crystal clear waters and golden sand.

Take an unforgettable journey to Cyprus to spend your holidays in complete harmony with nature!

Of course, it should be noted that Cyprus is not only the sea and beaches, but also many natural and cultural attractions. Greek Cape is a beautiful part of the country, enchants tourists with its spectacular sea caves and waters. Famous places to visit are the Caledonia waterfalls, which can be reached by following the path that runs along the river Potamos Kryos.
The capital of the state is considered Nicosia, which is largely occupied by the Turkish military base. If desired, the tourists can visit the city, passing along the so-called Green Line.
Paphos is the smallest town in Cyprus and is disposed on the southwest coast of the island. This pretty town is perfect for a romantic getaway.

They who wishes to enjoy the rest in the bosom of nature can visit the Akamas National Park, which is home to various species of animals and plants.
It should not be overlooked Limassol, which is also famous for its beaches, lots of restaurants and attractions. Every year, in the spring here is held the largest carnival parade on the island.
The country also has a rich culinary tradition, which combine the art of cooking and flavors, formed under the influence of the Turkish, Arabic and Greek cuisine.

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