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Uruguay – a journey among beautiful scenery and magnificent coastline

Although this country of South America has very modest dimensions, it can offer a huge variety of interesting, including one of the most interesting capitals of the continent, beautiful colonial cities, also sea resorts of international importance. To the east of the capital of Montevideo you can reach the magnificent sandy beaches washed by the Atlantic, which are a favorite holiday destination for Uruguayans and Argentines, and for tourists of different nationalities. The country’s hilly landscape and gaucho lands represent a very interesting and enjoyable region to explore, but are still little known to tourists.

To date, Uruguay is disposed in the region that for a long time called Banda Oriental or the East Coast. The most period of the twentieth century, Uruguay was considered a kind of “South American Switzerland”, but this reputation was shaken as a result of the political and economic crisis of the 70s and 80s.
It is worth noting that the largest city and the capital of the country, Montevideo, is quite different from other South American cities and carries a significant European imprint due to the waves of great immigration. In fact, there are very few indigenous peoples or descendants of those who inhabited the region in pre-Columbian times. In Montevideo you can find many interesting places and do not lose sight of its lively center overlooking the sea, the harbor area, the old town and its markets. It is certainly worth paying special attention to the historic center of the city, where is the Cathedral of Montevideo, known as the Mother Church, built in 1790.

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Also, not far from the center, you can see many historical buildings, including the Mercado del Puerto, built in 1868, where you can visit bars and restaurants with excellent Uruguayan cuisine, as well as antiques shops in Matriz Square. On the Independence Square of Montevideo there is the Citadel Gate, representing the remains of defensive walls, preserved since 1742. In order to plunge into the local atmosphere, it is worth to visit the Tristan Narvaha fair, which is held on Sundays in the Cordon area. Meanwhile, lovers of walking along the coast can enjoy the Rambla de Montevideo.

Another great place to visit outside the capital is Colonia Sacramento, a small town placed on a river the historical center of which has been preserved in an incredible way. It is only 170 kilometers from Montevideo and can be reached by bus. Colonia del Sacramento or also known as Colonia, offers ideal conditions for recreation and developed infrastructure for tourism. The charm of this city is just contagious and walking along its streets, it seems that you were transferred to another dimension and another time.

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