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Travel to Malaysia

Amongst the countries of Southeast Asia, Malaysia can be noted as one of the most pleasant places to visit. Decades of continued economic growth and political stability contributed to turning this region into a realm of wealth and prosperity, despite such a division, that political power is concentrated in the hands of the Malays, and economic one in the hands of the Chinese. In Malaysia, there is a stable development of a pluralistic culture based on the original unity and harmony between the Malay, Chinese and Indian peoples, also on the synthesis of traditional and cultural elements of other indigenous ethnic groups.

Traveling around the country, most tourists are eager to visit not only the peninsular region, where the bustle of the megalopolis of Kuala Lumpur is prevalent, but also make trips to Cameron Highlands, where the more relaxed atmosphere of Langkawi reigns. Meanwhile, in Eastern Malaysia, where Sarawak and Sabah are located, an incredible wildlife prevails where one can witness a tribal lifestyle in barracks and see the spectacular peak of Kinabalu Mountain.


In a word, the culture, traditions and magnificent, impressive landscapes are Malaysian treasures, among which one should also note sandy beaches, idyllic islands lost in the depths of the sea, reefs, tea plantations and fields of rubber trees. Here the colonial architecture is surrounded by dense greenery, forests, inhabited by monkeys and legendary animals, in the midst of breathtaking nature the ultramodern cities are grow.
Malaysia is one of the richest ecosystems in the world, where you can find species that are still unknown to science.
Take a romantic trip to Malaysia among the magnificent beaches and historic attractions!


Approximately twenty kilometers from the coast of the peninsula of Malaysia and near the border with Thailand, there are a group of islands of Perhentian, dotted with white sandy beaches, with cliffs and crystal clear turquoise water. Here you can enjoy the view of a huge variety of corals, sea turtles, jellyfish, small sharks.
The capital of the country is Kuala Lumpur, the capital of skyscrapers, which combines modern style with eastern charm and represents the best place in all of Southeast Asia to make purchases, because there are huge shopping centers, also small craft shops and markets . At the gates of the city are the Batu Caves, famous for hosting several Hindu temples inside, and by virtue of this fact it is a religious place of great importance.
Among the places to visit is the historical city of Malacca, where there are some of the most important cultural monuments of Malaysia, also the island of Penang, connected to the mainland by a 13-kilometer bridge and bewitching with its magnificent temples, towering among the hills and tropical jungles.

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