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Kansas – the state of tribe of Sioux and the real granary of the country

Kansas, disposed in the north of the center of the United States, borders on the states of Nebraska, Missouri, Colorado and Oklahoma. As a whole it is a plateau stretching from the Rocky Mountains, and its part is completely covered by endless meadows. The state’s name comes from “Sioux Kansa”, which means “people of the south wind”. The metropolis of Kansas is Topeka.

Kansas is the breadbasket of the United States, producing about one-sixth of the country’s total output; In fact, 90% of the total area is allocated to agriculture.

Kansas experienced a difficult period that went down in history like Bleeding Kansas, because of the bloody battles due to the falsification of the vote against slavery. On the territory of the state there was a civil war, during which the settlers fought with indigenous tribes, shifting them to other states.

An interesting fact is that in 1900 the descendants of Russian emigrants brought here a new type of grain and spread to the prairies of Kansas.

The capital of Kansas, Topeka, is a small but rather attractive city, due to its cultural freshness and diverse activities. Here you can visit the museum, in which many Indian artifacts are exhibited, and also there is a psychiatric clinic where some of the works of Sigmund Freud have survived. The city was built in 1854 by a group of activists against slavery led by Eli Thayer. A large area in the vicinity is also known as Topeka and is a metropolitan area, including the counties of Shawnee, Jackson, Jefferson, Osage and Wabaunsee.

The name of Topeka comes from the root word and means a place suitable for growing potatoes.

It should be noted that the largest city in the state is Wichita, a city recognized in the world as the capital of the aviation industry. There are numerous museums telling about the existence of local Indians, about the life of the first settlers, which resembles the atmosphere of the time of cowboys who devoted themselves to caring for herds of cattle.

A unique journey through the American prairies awaits you on your trip to Kansas!

The town of Lawrence demonstrates to visitors a strong attachment to the historical events that took place on its territory and many monuments are dedicated to these events. Visiting the Museum of Natural History, you can see a scarecrow of the horse of General Custer, whose name was Comanche.

The climatic conditions in Kansas are different and have special characteristics in different parts of the state. So, in the north the climate is continental, while in the west it is quite dry, and in the south the sub-tropical temperatures are typical.

There is a natural phenomenon that has a huge impact on life in Kansas – it’s a tornado, which often brings disastrous results for the inhabitants.

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