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New Mexico – a state of extraordinary beauty and the famous Rodeo de Santa Fe

The entire American continent, and especially the United States, presents many surprises to travelers. In all this diversity of interesting places, New Mexico is definitely among the places that deserve a visit thanks to the spectacular sights offered on its territory.
The start of your trip to New Mexico from its capital Santa Fe will allow you to immediately get in touch with the heart of this state.

This cosmopolitan and multinational city, like a flourishing garden of talents, collects a huge synod of musicians, artists, sculptors and photographers that skirt this city in the charming framework of art and culture. In Santa Fe you can enjoy a visit to the many museums and art galleries that the city is full of. The capital has its own architectural feature, and in particular, the predominance of the yellow color of old houses built of clay, which under the influence of time and sun, dried up and gradually changed the original color.

Another not less prominent feature of Santa Fe is the presence of many churches, among which the Cathedral of St. Francis, built in honor of St. Francis of Assisi, deserves special attention. The elegant structure of the cathedral is distinguished by the articulation of Romanesque arches and stone columns.
Walking along the streets of the city, you can also see the famous arena of Plaza de Toros, where the Rodeo de Santa Fe passes in July, when the best cowboy and shepherdess of America compete for the joy of spectators in the dominance of horses.

Traveling to New Mexico, discover the amazing places that keep the secrets of ancient times!

As the next stage of your tour in New Mexico, you can choose the equally interesting city of Albuquerque, where you can plunge into the delights of worldly life, and heading to the Old Town Square, you can find a place livened with numerous restaurants, shops and clubs.
Here you will also have an opportunity to visit the Museum of Natural History, and the Volcano Museum is especially interesting. In Albuquerque, it is worth to visit the National Historical Park of Chaco and admire the Chaco Canyon, which is defined as the residence of the ancestors of the Pueblo population. At the bottom of the canyon, one can observe the ruins of thirteen large kivas, places used for religious functions and for pueblo meetings.

The Aztec ruins are also a confirmation of the presence of pueblo populations here. The ruins of this archaeological park are about 900 years old. It overlooks the great house of Pueblo, which is an impressive size complex, consisting of more than 400 rooms built of bricks.

On the territory of New Mexico, you can immerse yourself in discovering mysteries and circumstances, known to a few, after making a trip to Gallup, which is a small town with an interesting name called “The Heart of Indian Lands.”

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