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Virginia – the state, standing at the origins of history

This American state got its name in honor of Queen Elizabeth I of England, known as Virgin Queen. Being among the southern states, Virginia in the north borders with Maryland and the District of Columbia, in the south with Tennessee and North Carolina, in the west of Kentucky, in the east it is washed by the Atlantic.

Virginia is very rich in history, as it became the site of several wars for independence, and also in the presence of peculiar reliefs, is an interesting place to visit. Inside the state, there is still a distinction betwixt the North and the South, manifested even in the style and pronunciation of the language used by the locals. Virginia is also called the “mother of presidents”, as it became the birthplace of eight American presidents!

Historically, Virginia has become the land of conquest of British settlers, a land where huge tobacco plantations originated and flourished, ruled by aristocrats who exploited slave labor, while forming profound differences between the agricultural South and the North, which was invested and developed in the forecast industry and trade. Therefore, many important battles during the civil war took place precisely in Virginia.

The capital of the state is Richmond, founded in 1737 on the James River, where you can see the oldest government building of the state the Capitol of Virginia with the marble equestrian statue of George Washington, as well as the busts of Jefferson and seven other American presidents born in Virginia. However, it should be noted that at present the Governor resides in the governor’s residence. The Old Town Hall of the Gothic style is also interesting, and history lovers will not miss the chance to visit the Confederation Museum, which traces the whole history of the civil war.

Richmond is a very interesting combination of history and modernity, where there is an area with beautifully preserved old buildings next to modern neighborhoods. Also interesting for visiting the White House of the Confederation and the Wickham house.

The historical triangle where most of the state battles took place is Jamestown, Yorktown, Williamsburg. Here you can join groups of tourists and follow the paths that will help to discover the history of Virginia.

Explore the American history in close proximity, travel to Virginia!

Art lovers will enjoy visiting the city of Norfolk, where the Chrysler Museum is located, which is an exciting art gallery. And just 25 km from Norfolk it is possible to visit the popular resort of Virginia Beach. No less interesting is Arlington, disposed near Washington D. C. with the National Cemetery of Arlington, where the graves of John Fitzgerald Kennedy and his wife are located.

One of the most important cities in the state is Charlottesville, which is the home of the University of Virginia, presenting a majestic historic building with domes and a campus offering interesting excursions.

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