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Car rental in Moscow, Russia from a company Naniko at best price

Search for auto rental agency in Moscow theoretically should not make a huge work in the city or in any of the six airports of Moscow. But it will be worth your time and effort that everyone would like to avoid while on vacation or business trip. Therefore, you will have an invaluable service in this case, the booking system provided on the web-page of Naniko, where you are using the provided detailed information about the available types and models of cars and rental terms, quickly and easily will be able to make a reservation.

 Car renting is usually in high demand in Moscow, so it is suggested to arrange everything in advance. With the online booking system on the web-page of Naniko, we will provide you the cheapest rates for car hire available in Moscow for a few seconds. Choose a comfortable for you place of receiving the vehicle, the date and time of the auto-type preference Economy Car or luxury accordingly your budget, etc.

Why rental car in Moscow from Naniko?

  • Comprehensive insurance, which includes coverage of the liability in the collision, damage or theft of the vehicle.
  • Provide unlimited mileage on our vehicles.
  • Opportunity of auto hiring with a driver
  • 24-hour roadside assistance, regardless of distance
  • Rates including VAT and insurance


Moscow, populated by more than ten million people, was founded in 1147 on the banks of the Moscow River.

The capital of Russia is rich in history; Moscow is a fascinating place to visit in be rented vehicle.

auto hire in Moscow from Naniko is the unimprovable solution to discover a lot more places in immense city. His charm deserves much more than a glance: Red Square with the Kremlin and St. Basil's Cathedral will be one of the first sights of your informative tour. Unable to come to Moscow and do not visit at least once Bolshoi Theatre, the most prestigious stage in Russia.

Car Hire in Moscow from Naniko allows you to follow your own path and discover this amazing city-museum, whose architecture seems tells its glorious history from every corner.

When driving in Moscow should know that the city road system consists of three ring roads and streets up to 16 lines. However, Moscow is one of the most densely congested car traffic cities in the world where you have to drive with extreme caution.

After decades of communism, the capital city of Russia has become one of the principle centres of capitalism. Using a car rental in Moscow, you can visit the Moscow City, the future business district outside the city centre.

Strolling through Moscow in a rented auto can be seen that in comparison with cities in Europe or America, the capital of Russia is pretty landscaped.   

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