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Bosnia and Herzegovina – a country of endless opportunities and new tourist routes

The young state, expanding from the Adriatic littoral to the Western Balkans firmly follows the path of recovery from the consequences of the recent war. This small land provides travelers with plenty of opportunities to explore new tourist routes, among which are the interesting destinations such as Mostar and Medjugorje.

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Belgium – a cosmopolitan country with a long tradition

To visit such country as Belgium, there are a lot of reasons. It may be noted just the fact that here are 35 World Heritage sites, more than 2,000 chocolate shops, about 200 museums, 650 different kinds of beer and 300 Art Nouveau buildings only in Brussels. In short, Belgium is the ideal place for any type of holiday where you can find something for any taste and preference.

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Belarus – the land of countless natural resources and unexplored spaces

The crystal clear springs, ancient oak forests, irresistibly beckoning tired of the hustle and bustle of city life travelerы, a variety of bizarre forms of nature and fresh air – that’s what attracts millions of visitors from around the world in a country called Belarus. No one will remain untouched by pristine nature, providing an orgy of bright and colorful landscapes, untouched by human hand.

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Austria – the country of the last European empire, Austria – as familiar and still unexplored

How many things can grasp only one word, one name, which is associated with a variety of events of the past and present. Austria is  the place of the last empire of Europe, a place where artists made a true revolution of modern art, it is the country that gave birth to the greatest musicians of all time. Austria situated between the mountain peaks, which seemed the paintings of the nineteenth century, among the green valleys and dense forests, bordered by quiet lakes and elegant cities.

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Andorra – tax havens in Europe and the country of natural wonders

This tiny state called the Principality of Andorra is disposed betwixt France and Spain, in the Pyrenees. Despite its fairly small dimensions, the principality is well known to many as a tax haven, but not only for this.

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Albania – a fascinating country of eagles

If we are able to forget whatever the media tell us and make this interesting trip to Albania, you can personally make sure that Shqiperi, as it is pronounced in the Albanian language, is one of the most interesting countries of the Adriatic Sea. Stepping away from the remnants of its recent past, the country has changed dramatically and is now fully open to mass tourism.

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Armenia – a wonderful country of crosses and monasteries

Visit to Armenia can be compared to a trip back in history, to the beginnings of Christianity in the past of the country, which for centuries has gone through many different phases, where towering stone crosses are a living testimony of a large religious influence. Armenia knows how to surprise its visitors! Located at the crossroads of Asia, the Middle East and Europe, in the Caucasus region, in the country clearly displayed the impact of the majority of nations that surround it.

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Georgia – a country of amazing realities and the cradle of the first European

The exceptional discovery made by archaeologists, could be noted that really shocked the international academic world, and this discovery is evidence of migration of early humans outside of Africa and their spread on the European continent, on the territory of Georgia of today, about two million years ago.

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England – the country of knights. What to see: the ideas for the route

London – charming Albion, with Tower Bridge proudly rose over the Thames and the majestic Big Ben, has captivated the hearts of many generations of tourists from all over the world. It offers all kinds of attractions: Westminster Abbey, the Houses of Parliament, Tower of London, Buckingham Palace and many more, that is the visit card of London and often of England. Not to mention about the local area, such as the university town of Cambridge, and Windsor Castle.

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Italy – “Made in Italy”

Hidden charm of Italy

For those who are going to organize a trip to Italy can be sure to hold an unforgettable holiday in one of the most beautiful countries in Europe. Italy not only enchants you with its natural and cultural beauties, but also pleasantly surprised by opportunities in the fashion and gastronomic characteristics. Everyone will surely find something for its own taste. A charming and polite people, according to their ancient traditions, turn Italy into a country of more than a glamorous and full of charm.

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