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Ukraine – country of great cultural heritage and magnificent nature

Placed in Eastern Europe on the territory of 603,628 km², Ukraine is the second largest state on the European continent. The huge cultural heritage and its magnificent natural attractions contribute to the constant growth of tourism. The lands of Ukraine mainly consists of fertile plains crossed by various rivers. Here the climate is characterized by cold winters, at which temperatures can reach -20 ° C and by more moderate in regions that are under the influence of the Black Sea.

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Russia is a country of modern cities and vast lands with wildlife

The country, stretching over an area of 17 million kilometers between Europe and Asia, is called Russia and is the largest state on the planet. Russia borders on the largest number of states, precisely with 14. The country also has sea borders with Japan over the Sea of Okhotsk and with the United States along the Bering Strait. It washed by the Arctic Ocean from the north, by the Pacific Ocean from east. The populace of this vast state is about 140 million people, its capital is Moscow. The division of Russia has traditionally occurred in such a way that European Russia is considered to be west of the Urals, and the Asian part is to the east of the Urals.

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The United States of America – the country of the Statue of Liberty and the American Dream

Together with Canada, the United States forms the so-called Anglo-Saxon America. The territory occupied by the country is huge and covers many natural environments, also various climatic and time zones. By population this is the third country in the world, while by its economic and military power it ranks on the first place. Every year millions of tourists choose the US as their destination. There are innumerable sights all over the country, both natural and artificial, created by humans. Obviously, on this exciting trip you will immerse yourself in the discovery of America and see the incomparable places of this vast world.

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Vatican – the city-state of countless art treasures

The Vatican is the smallest independent state in Europe, which possess the territory of 0.44 square kilometers. This Italian enclave completely surrounded by the territory of Rome. Despite its tiny proportions, the Vatican contains a vast priceless treasures presented to humanity by such immortal giants like Michelangelo, Giotto, Bernini and Raphael.

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Turkey – a country of mosques and the core of an ancient civilization

Travel always enrich our knowledge, but also fill the heart and soul of new experiences and unforgettable memories. Turkey is just that  country, visiting of which you will surely fall in love with its blue coast, interesting monuments of antiquity and natural wonders, born by the centuries-old of volcanic activity.

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Switzerland – a country of alpine landscapes and of the famous Appenzeller cheese

As a European country in geographical terms, Switzerland is not part of the European Union and adheres to a policy of neutrality. This developed country combines high technology, the highest level of infrastructures, modern urban areas and idyllic mountain sceneries

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Sweden – a country of highly developed technology and the incomparable northern landscapes

Sweden is among the few European countries that can offer such a great variety of landscapes and a wealth of traditions. There are endless expanses of Lapland, covered with sparkling white snow in the north, which are luminous in winter by extraordinary phenomenon of the Northern Lights or by the midnight sun in summer. But at the same time it is the land of the Saami

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Spain – the country of unlimited opportunities for recreation and land of ancient culture and history

With its ideal location in the south-west of Europe, Spain is amongst the leading countries in tourism around the world. Forming the Iberian Peninsula, together with Portugal, Andorra and Gibraltar, it is the most popular tourist destinations, especially in summer. With its ideal climate, wealth of historical and cultural monuments, Spain attracts millions of tourists every year, and thus creates an inexhaustible source of stable employment and sustainable development.

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Malta – a country of super modern resorts and myths of Ancient Greece

Located in the heart of the Mediterranean between Sicily, Tunisia and Libya, the Republic of Malta is an archipelago that in ancent times was called by the Greeks as Melita, and the Arabs referred to it as Malitah. It is a famous resort of international level, characterized by its artistic and natural beauty.

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Macedonia – the country of Alexander the Great and of multicultural nation

Macedonia is a small state in the south of the Balkans, the history of which was formed under the influence of several empires that prevailed here in ancient times, such as the Roman, Byzantine and Ottoman, also a significant imprint imposed during the communist regime in the recent past.

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