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Myanmar (the former Burma) – a journey into the country of thousands of pagodas

Myanmar, or the more familiar old name Burma, is a land of contradictions, a country the population of which survived a century of oppression during the reign of Kublai Khan and King George VI, right up to the current military regime.

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Brunei – an amazing trip to the Asian Sultanate

The country placed between the Sarawak and the South China Sea, the Brunei Sultanate, or full name of which is Nagara Brunei Darussalam, literally translated “Abode of Peace”, has very modest territorial dimensions. The country’s economy is exclusively based on oil production, which ranks it among the richest countries in the world. Once the Sultanate was a colony of Great Britain, but in 1984 independence from British Brunei was proclaimed.

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Bhutan – a trip to a small mountain kingdom in Asia

Among the interesting tourist destinations Bhutan certainly takes not the last place. Wrapped in myths and hidden in the shadow of a massive mountain range, this small country is sandwiched between two such giants as China and India, and its population is about 650,000 inhabitants. Despite the isolation and remoteness of the region, Bhutan is very easy to visit, as there are no restrictions on access or the number of tourists who can come here. To date, the political system of the state is a monarchy, headed by King Jigme Khesar Namgyal Wangchuk.

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Bangladesh – a journey into the country of hospitality and thousands of smiles

The first thing that catches your eye when you visit this country is the lush nature and thousands of smiles that meet you. A visit to this country, in fact, is a unique experience, a little adventurous and humanly attractive, as this direction differs significantly from traditional tourist routes.

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Afghanistan – a trip to the land of poppies

Exploring the world and different tourist destinations, our choice can stop at the Asian country of Afghanistan, which, unfortunately, is known to the world due to the political vicissitudes that took place there for decades. But if we try to go beyond the broadcasted news, we will be able to find very exciting facts about a country that has been at the crossway of cultures and peoples since ancient times.

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Travel to Venezuela, from Los Roques to Santo Angel

Placed in the northern tip of South America, the Republic of Venezuela is a true treasure trove of natural diversity and a paradise for tourism. A trip to this corner of the Earth is really worth it!
The territory occupied by Venezuela is about three times larger than the surface, for example, of Italy, but in spite of this, the populace reaches only about 25 million people. Due to the nature of the natural areas, the population density is very different from European countries, many parts of the country are simply uninhabited, devoid of roads and undisputed are the realm of tropical forests.

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Uruguay – a journey among beautiful scenery and magnificent coastline

Although this country of South America has very modest dimensions, it can offer a huge variety of interesting, including one of the most interesting capitals of the continent, beautiful colonial cities, also sea resorts of international importance. To the east of the capital of Montevideo you can reach the magnificent sandy beaches washed by the Atlantic, which are a favorite holiday destination for Uruguayans and Argentines, and for tourists of different nationalities. The country’s hilly landscape and gaucho lands represent a very interesting and enjoyable region to explore, but are still little known to tourists.

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Suriname – a state sandwiched between the Republic of Guyana, Brazil and the Atlantic Ocean

Suriname, disposed in South America, near the equator, with a population of about half a million people, is characterized by a huge biodiversity that can only be found in this area of ​​the Earth. Prerequisites for this are moderate temperatures and abundant seasonal rains, which contributes to the active development of the flora.
English settlers first arrived here around 1650 and began to cultivate sugar and tobacco plantations at the mouth of the Suriname River.

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Peru – a journey to discover the land of the Inca civilization

The largest of the countries of South America, bordering with Ecuador and Bolivia, Brazil, Chile, and from the west washed by the Pacific Ocean, Peru is a country with ancient origins, whose evidence is presented in mountainous areas, upstream Titicaca, and in particular in the Machu-Picchu region. Presumably Peru was inhabited by primitive peoples even in 1000 BC. The most important stage that should be highlighted in the history of Peru undoubtedly refers to the beginning of the sixteenth century, namely, to the period of the Spanish invasion and, like many colonial countries, Peru also gained its independence only in the late nineteenth century.

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Paraguay – an adventurous and fun trip to little-known places

When choosing destinations for travel in South America, most stop at the more famous from the point of view of tourism three or four countries, in particular, Brazil, Argentina, Venezuela and Colombia. But it should be noted that Paraguay deserves no less attention as a tourist route, offering a lot of interesting, beautiful places for study, culture and gastronomy, which will not disappoint anyone.
This small country, located between Brazil, Argentina and Bolivia, without access to the sea, has a fairly flat territory, the highest point of which reach only 700 meters.

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