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Guyana (Guiana) – a voyage amidst the South American jungle

The state disposed on the northeastern shore of South America, on the same plateau as French Guyana and Suriname, should not be confused with its neighbors. Until 1966, the country was called British Guiana. It is washed by the Atlantic Ocean, bordered by Venezuela, Brazil and Suriname. Guyana is the only English-speaking continental country in South American continent.

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French Guiana – travel among Kourou, Cayenne and Îles du Salut

Placed in the South American region, French Guyana or Guiana is a French overseas department with a populace of approximately 200,000 people. Washed from the north by the Atlantic Ocean, the country borders on Suriname and Brazil.

Initially, these territories were inhabited by Indian tribes, but later in the seventeenth century it was colonized by the French, who developed a flourishing agricultural activity, in particular, the cultivation of sugar cane and tobacco, while exploiting the slave labor of the natives. Between 1852 and 1951 French Guyana began to be used as a colony on the Devil’s Islands, where criminals of all kinds were sent.

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The Republic of Panama – a crossroads of cultures and history at the junction of two continents

Panama, disposed on the isthmus between the two continents, covers an area of ​​78,200 square kilometers. The main language of the country is Spanish, although a certain minority also speaks the Kuna language and 14 other languages.
Panama, being a country of Central America, is still not such a popular destination for mass tourism, despite the fact that it offers a unique in its kind natural beauty of landscapes, among which one cannot fail to note the Kuna Yala islands in the San Blas archipelago.

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Falkland Islands or a journey to the Kingdom of Penguins

The general characteristics of the Falkland Islands located in the South Atlantic are twelve thousand square kilometers of territory and a population of 3,000 people. Particularly famous islands were in 1982, in connection with the colonial war that Argentina and Great Britain unleashed, the first of which insisted on the restoration of the ancient name of the islands of Malvina and defended its geographical right to own them, whereas, distant at 15000 miles England, that  owned the Falkland Islands1from 765, sought to maintain its influence. This awkward war as a result cost thousands of lives and significant losses on both sides.

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Nicaragua – a country of magnificent nature and exciting history

Among the countries of Central America, certainly worth noting Nicaragua, a country that can offer visitors extraordinary places along its coast, also in the interior territories. Nicaragua is washed by the waters of the Pacific ocean and the Caribbean sea and has unique landscapes with lush vegetation, lakes, forests and volcanoes that form breathtaking views. In addition to nature, interesting ruins and remnants of the Spanish era are presented here.

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Ecuador – country in the middle of the world

Ecuador, placed South America and intersected by the equator, is a presidential republic. Its capital Quito is declared on the World Heritage List. The most populated cities in the country, besides the capital, are also Guayaquil and Cuenca. The Ecuadorian republic also comprises the Galapagos Islands, remote from the rest of the state and famous for the great variety of flora and fauna.

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Honduras – a journey among dolphins and iguanas on the islands of the country

Speaking about the coast of the Caribbean Sea, images of paradise beaches with coconut palms and white sand invariably appear in the mind. But considering the trip to Honduras, you can cover much more than the coast, moving into the interior you can discover the tropical jungle, with spectacular waterfalls, such as Pulhapanzak.
Honduras, disposed in Central America, perhaps, can be attributed to the less well-known tourist routes, the reason of which were  the instability and uncertainty of the political situation.

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Colombia – the third country in the world on the natural diversity

The name of this country is a tribute to Christopher Columbus. Colombia is a state of South America with exits to the Caribbean Sea and the Pacific Ocean. Neighbors of Colombia are Venezuela, Brazil, Peru, Ecuador and Panama. In the pre-Columbian period, the southern part of the country was inhabited by the Incas, and then, until 1819, it remained a Spanish colony until, when together with Panama, Venezuela and Ecuador, it gained its independence by forming a new state of Gran Colombia.

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Guatemala – a trip to the antique lands of the Maya people

In search of interesting and original itineraries for travel, certainly worth considering a trip to Guatemala. This state of Central America, stuck between large Mexico and a small country of Belize, with access to the Pacific and the Caribbean, to date is just gaining momentum as a considered tourist destination. It is sad to note, until recently, Guatemala was not very popular for tourism due to the instability of the political situation and more than forty years of civil war and dictatorship.

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Chile – a country of the highest volcanoes and incredible natural beauties

Among the most enjoyable types of human activity undoubtedly not the last place is occupied by travel. Acquaintance with new cultures opens our mind and enriches our knowledge about the diversity of life on Earth. There are many destinations and interesting countries to visit and you just have to choose the most interesting one for you.

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