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El Salvador – a trip to the country of Central America

The State of El Salvador, disposed in Central America, is surrounded from the south by Guatemala, from the west by Honduras, separated from the Gulf of Fonseca by Nicaragua and with access to the Pacific Ocean, has a population of more than six million people.
In the pre-Columbian era, this area was originally inhabited by the Maya tribes, and later, in the eleventh century, the peoples of Pipil lived here, who were expelled from their lands by the conquistador Pedro de Alvarado.

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Brazil – the birthplace of samba and the extravagant architecture of big cities

Brazil is a large country of the South American continent, occupying an area of ​​more than eight million square kilometers, making it the fifth country in the world in terms of its territorial size and population. The country differs in its diversity from any point of view, and the richness of nature is no exception. Here you can see the Amazon rainforests, water spaces, wild animals of Pantanal, feel the atmosphere of colonial villages or large cities with many contradictions, enjoy the sunny beaches and nightlife.

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Bolivia – a country of incredible landscapes and the highest capital city of the planet

The country of South America, disposed in the central part of the continent, surrounded by such countries as Brazil, Paraguay, Argentina, Chile and Peru, is landlocked, but is able to offer a very impressive variety of landscapes, an incredible natural, cultural and historical heritage. Although, to date, mass tourism is not very developed, but who want to enjoy the spectacular beauty of the landscapes and cultural traditions of this people is still a lot.

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Argentina – a country of majestic nature and historical cities

Disposed in South America, Argentina covers an area of approximately three million square kilometers, of which 54% of the plains are pasture and savanna, 23% of plateau, and 23% are occupied by hills and mounts. The Argentine landscape offers unique natural combinations of wide eastern plains and an impressive chain of Western Andes, the highest point of which is Aconcagua of 6959 meters in height, and it is the highest peak in the Western Hemisphere.

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Nunavut – the gateway to the mysterious world of the Arctic

Nunavut is a Canadian province disposed 3 hours drive from Ottawa, where more than half of the population are Inuit and where there are offered a huge variety of beautiful landscapes and activities for tourism. Here you can freely walk around the city or fish in a frozen lake, go to Greenland by boat or ride a dog sled. In the vast territory of Nunavut you can see all kinds of landscapes, from the long chain of mountains and to sea ice, lakes frozen for most of the year, rivers and vast plains covered with tundra.

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Mexico – an incredible kaleidoscope of amazing landscapes

Mexico! How much can be included in this one word, which in the minds of everyone creates the most diverse images. Here the desert and rainforests, magnificent white beaches and the highest mountains in height of 6000 meters, the sea and ocean, and set of other improbable contrasts which offers Mexico.

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Costa Rica – a trip to a tropical paradise

Located in Central America, the Republic of Costa Rica is characterized by a tropical climate conducive to the development of lush flora and fauna, where you can enjoy the magnificent spectacle of a variety of species of orchids. The official language of the country is Spanish, but English is also widely used. Costa Rica is called “the happiest country in the world”, where you can see many attractions, incomparable to anything else, from the splendor of which are breathtaking. In short, there are so many places to visit in Costa Rica that you can only choose for every taste.

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Greenland – the tour to the opening of the largest island in the world

Despite the etymology of the name, which literally means “green earth”, speaking of the isle of Greenland, to the minds invariably come images of vast and endless expanses, wrapped in the mantle of snow and ice.

This amazing and remote island is able to offer a lot of interesting sights.

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Belize – an amazing country of Central America

Belize is a country disposed between Mexico and Guatemala, in Central America, and despite its small size, it can offer an incredible number of interesting attractions, including the magnificent Mayan ruins, all from the jungle to the mountains. This is a truly undiscovered gem, where you can make adventurous trips and have a great holiday at its many resorts that fill the Caribbean coast.

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Travel to Canada – a country of incredible landscapes and multilingual cities

The immense northern country, stretched on millions of square kilometers, between the Atlantic, Pacific and Arctic Oceans, Canada, is the second largest state in the world in its scale, after Russia. But, despite its impressive size, the population density in Canada is very low, and the number of residents reaches only 35 million. In addition to the three oceans, the state has borders in the south with the United States.

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