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Travel to Malaysia

Amongst the countries of Southeast Asia, Malaysia can be noted as one of the most pleasant places to visit. Decades of continued economic growth and political stability contributed to turning this region into a realm of wealth and prosperity, despite such a division, that political power is concentrated in the hands of the Malays, and economic one in the hands of the Chinese. In Malaysia, there is a stable development of a pluralistic culture based on the original unity and harmony between the Malay, Chinese and Indian peoples, also on the synthesis of traditional and cultural elements of other indigenous ethnic groups.

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Maldives – a journey to an earthly paradise among atolls and unspoiled nature

If you have planned a trip to the Maldives, then be prepared to dive into a fairy tale or get into the incredible atmosphere of this amazing tropical paradise.
For travelers from all over the world, the Maldives is a desirable destination and the reason for this is easily explained, since this archipelago of pristine islands in the Indian Ocean resembles the most a paradise on earth, thanks to the unspoilt nature, the crystal clear sea and the most beautiful coral reefs in the world.

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Macau – a trip to Asian Las Vegas

Quiet and slightly sleepy in ancient times, the port city of Macau today, unfortunately, turns into a megalopolis of gambling and is a must-see in the list of places to visit of tourists traveling in China. In addition to the numerous playing halls flooded with neon light, Macau is able to offer its visitors a charming combination of Chinese history with elements of Portuguese influence.

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Laos – a country that has emerged from the wilderness of instability and war

Disposed in Southeast Asia, Laos, known in ancient times as Lansang, which means the place of a million elephants, has experienced tragic moments throughout its history, and in the end this sparsely populated land gained peace after centuries of wars against Annam, China, Siam , France and the United States, opening their borders for international tourism. It should be noted that of the three countries that were part of the French Indochina, Laos was more backward, but also more mysterious, but in the recent period, bringing economic and political reforms to the forefront, introducing a free-market system, the state attracted many foreign investors and became on the path of stability.

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Japan – a trip to the Land of the Rising Sun

Placed in the Pacific Ocean, Japan is an archipelago of about seven thousand islands, among which are the four largest: Honshu, Hokkaido, Kyushu and Shikoku. All four islands are connected by submarine bridges and tunnels. Many of the isles of Japan are covered with mountains, and some of them are volcanic. The highest peak in Japan is Mount Fuji, which is an active volcano.

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Indonesia – a trip to the archipelago, between the two oceans

To describe Indonesia it is not enough to just present some figures and general data, although they can create an initial idea about the country in which you are planning your trip. So, Indonesia consists of 17000 islands, the population of the country is 240 million inhabitants, there are 350 spoken languages and 150 active volcanoes. By population, the country is on the fourth place in the world. In fact, Indonesia is a colorful kaleidoscope of ecosystems, cultures and traditions, and its territory, stretching more than 5,000 kilometers along the equator, provides an opportunity to explore wild, largely unexplored places, or to move into Bali’s fascinating cosmopolitan atmosphere.

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India is a land of miracles, thousands of colors and amazing people

India, disposed in South Asia, washed by the Indian Ocean, the Arabian Sea and the Bay of Bengal, which has land borders with several countries, with a populace exceeding 1.2 billion people, is a country of unspeakable beauty called the “land of flowers”, which is certainly worth a visit at least once in life.

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Hong Kong is an ambitious goal for a fascinating journey

Hong Kong being a special administrative region of China, is disposed on its southern coast, between the Pearl River Delta and the South China Sea. This city, occupying an area of 1104 km2 and with a populace of 7 million people, is ranked among the most densely inhabited regions in the world. Ethnic Chinese make 95% of dwellers of Hong Kong, and 5% are other groups and nationalities.

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China – a journey in the footsteps of the empire into a country oriented to the future

It can be said that China is not just a country, but it is a whole world in which is included the whole ranges from modern megacities to epic meadows, sacred peaks, stunning imperial ruins and caves. When you visit a country with a population of more than one billion people, you will certainly have to give up something, since it is difficult to cover everything in one trip, if you have limited time.

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Cambodia – a trip to one of the pearls of Southeast Asia

As it is observed, in recent years the charm of Southeast Asia has attracted thousands of tourists from all many countries, intrigued by the wealth of archaeological excavations and the natural beauty of the area, which for many years suffered from cruel wars and genocide. A trip to Cambodia gives us the opportunity to discover the natural beauty, culture and past of the country, which is full of dramatic moments. This small and cozy destination, placed on the border with Thailand, Vietnam and Laos, having a very strategic position, is easily achievable and can be a perfect continuation of a comprehensive trip.

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